牛頓躲瘟疫發現萬有引力 臺師大籲學生多讀書少外出











5.因3月31日本校有一個COVID-19的確診個案, 為降低未來兩週內的敎室群聚,並進行全校大消毒,所以教務長於4月1日發信給所有的院長及系所主管,請大家配合從4月6日起至4月17日,全校所有的課程採遠距授課,並打電話給各院院長,院長們均表示已有準備,可配合。

6.同學們所修的課程,老師會利用Moodle、email 、line或其他管道,告知大家課程實施的方式,請大家給老師ㄧ點時間,若稍有延遲,也請體諒ㄧ下老師,可能還需要ㄧ點時間。






Dear Students,

Recently, the university has asked all of our colleges, departments, and institutes to switch to long-distance instruction. The reasons and background information for such a drastic action are as follows:

1. The Office of Academic Affairs, as well as all of our colleges, have long been holding digital instruction professional development courses to assist our faculty to get ready for digitized courses.

2. All courses with more than 100 enrolled students have already been converted to digital courses.

3. There is a consensus among member universities of the National Taiwan University System to switch all courses with more than 60 enrolled students to digital courses, starting April 27, 2020.

4. Some of the colleges have reported that they have been ready for digitized courses, and were going to launch digital instruction on April 13, 2020.

5. On March 31, 2020, it was announced that there is one confirmed COVID-19 case in NTNU. To minimize the chance of cross-infection in the next two weeks, the entire university will be undergoing full decontamination procedure. As such, the Vice President of Academic Affairs has sent a letter to all college deans and department/institute chairs on April 1, 2020, asking for everyone’s cooperation to switch all university courses to long-distance instruction. In personal phone calls to our deans, it was learned that all colleges are prepared for the switch and willing to cooperate.

6. Instructors will utilize Moodle, email, Line, or other communication channels to inform students on the details of their courses’ long-distance instruction. We would like to ask you to kindly give our professors some time to send you this information, and ask for your patience and forgiveness if there were delays.

7. We would like to ask all of you to try to stay home and avoid congregations. Try to make use of this time to study. For long-distance instruction, whether it is synchronous or asynchronous, please make sure you go online, get in touch with your professors via video or text, and complete your assignments. Please also make sure your professors know you have attended such online sessions and leave a record.

8. As Churchill once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”; it was also during the plague in 1665 that Newton discovered gravity whilst he was at home.

9. We would like to thank the cooperation of the entire NTNU family. Protecting yourself will be the best way to protect your family and friends. Please be kind to others and give thanks, for Taiwan is one of the six countries left in the world where classes are still in session.

Sincerely yours,

Office of Academic Affairs, National Taiwan Normal University

April 3, 2020