Message from President of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

Dear students, faculty and staff members, March 31, 2020

The outbreaks caused by the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continue to emerge strongly.Facing the escalation of the situation in the world and the increasing number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Taiwan, our school's epidemic prevention team has never taken the situation lightly. We have deployed necessary epidemic prevention measures and launched various epidemic prevention mechanisms, hoping to safeguard this safe and healthy campus.

Despite the efforts, the outbreak is evolving rapidly day by day. I regret to inform you that a student of ours has been confirmed to have COVID-19. To best protect our teachers and students, the school has moved online those courses in which the confirmed case had participated, while the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) clarifies the situation related to the confirmed case. Those who had close contact with the student are currently under Self-Health Management following the rules stipulated by the government. The school will continue to monitor the situation closely and cooperate with the CDC. We have also comprehensively disinfected the areas the confirmed case had been to.A university-wide disinfection is scheduled to be on the consecutive holidays at the Qingming Festival.

I sincerely call on all of you to wash your hands frequently, wear face masks, practice social distancing, avoid mass gatherings, and suspend contact with friends and family members who have recently returned from abroad. If you have any questions about epidemic prevention, you can report to or consult Health Center (ext. 3111). Student Counselling Center can also provide necessary psychological assistance.

Epidemic prevention is like a combat. In facing this war, we should unite in mind and thought to maintain the safety and health of all of us. I sincerely hope that all of you pay more attention to your own health, maintain normal daily routines, and implement various preventive anti-epidemic measures. I believe that we will be able to win the final victory with the joint efforts of all of you.

Cheng-Chih Wu, PhD
National Taiwan Normal University