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區塊鏈在動盪時代的角色 避難資產第二課 加密貨幣冷、熱錢包的理論與實務
06-20230526-報名表【QRCODE】加密貨幣 冷、熱錢包的理論與實務



亞流中心基於服務社會為理念,讓普羅大眾更了解流行音樂產業與加密貨幣的重要關係,特別再次邀請專家彭少甫 (Leo Peng)帶來【避難資產第二課:加密貨幣 冷、熱錢包的理論與實務】。用最淺顯的講解,一次搞懂冷、熱錢包的運作。更透過辨識這個新興市場的風險之前,了解其交易機制。歡迎各界朋友報名參加。


Hedge Asset: The Theory and Practice of Cryptocurrency

Cold Wallets and Hot Wallets

The rise of cryptocurrencies has brought not only new business opportunities but also new opportunities for crime. According to blockchain statistical data platform Chainalysis, approximately $3.2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen in 2021, representing a 516% increase from 2020. Recently, NFTs, which are mainly traded using cryptocurrencies, have also been inundated with a growing number of scam and fraud incidents.

In 2018, Wen-Pin Hope Lee, a tenured and lifetime exempt professor, in the Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University, founded The Digital Technology Research Center of Asian Popular Music. Its mission is to promote the development of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries, with a particular focus on popular music culture and to serve the people while advancing the development of music culture. The core value of the center is to support and promote preservation of Taiwan's popular music, extending its influence to the Asian market as a form of soft power in music creation and performance. By merging academic knowledge with the popular music market, the center strives to materialize Taiwan's pop music culture through activities such as academic research, talent training, industry-academia collaboration, performance promotion, marketing, cultural creativity, and international collaboration. These endeavors aim to revitalize Taiwan popular music industry and establish a solid foundation for the development of music culture.

The center plays a crucial role in promoting the development of music technology and the digital economy, especially considering the rapid advancements in digital technology such as Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, and AI trends. Additionally, the ongoing global trend of interdisciplinary integration further emphasizes the importance its development.

Based on the principle of serving society and aiding the general public in better understanding the importance of the relationship between the pop music industry and cryptocurrencies. Thus, the center has extended an invitation to Leo Peng, an expert in cryptocurrencies, to deliver a speech on the second lesson of hedge assets. The topic of the speech is titled “The Theory and Practice of Cryptocurrency Cold Wallets and Hot Wallets’’. Through the speaker’s clear and concise explanations, participants will gain insights into the functioning of “cold” and “hot” wallets and develop an understanding of the trading mechanisms within this emerging market. Additionally. The attendees will be able to identify the associated risks. This event is open to all interested parties.

Supervising Unit: The Digital Technology Research Center of Asian Popular Music
Organizer: The Association of Digital Technology Research of Asian Popular Music
Producer: Professor Wen-Pin Hope Lee
Date: May 26, 2023 (Friday) at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: The Digital Technology Research Center of Asian Popular Music
# on the day of the event, red wine and a simple meal will be prepared
# please scan the QR code provided below in order to register