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師大音樂節:台灣烏貓歌唱團系列三 4/29引領時代潮流
2023 師大音樂節:臺灣烏貓歌唱團系列三
Taiwan Black Cats Concert Tours 2023



本次【2023 師大音樂節 臺灣烏貓歌唱團系列三】音樂會主要演出形式是結合師大的教師與學生,以學術的教學與舞臺實際訓練為目標。因此,在曲目規劃上,由李和莆創作編曲各時期民謠與流行音樂曲目,在歌者與各種室內樂編制中,讓學生得以學習不同領域的聲響。


主辦單位: 亞洲流行音樂數位科技研究中心
製作人:  李和莆 教授
演出日期: 2023年4月29日 (六) 晚上19 : 30
演出地點: 師大禮堂


Taiwan Black Cat Singing Troupe Series 3
Taiwan Black Cats Concert Tours 2023

Black cats, for the Taiwanese who have gone through the Taiwanese society in the 1940s and 1950s, and are now in their 50s and 60s, it should be a vivid memory they have in common, so the Taiwan Black Cat Singing Troupe was established. It is a meaning of retro and leading the trend.

Dr. Wen-Pin Hope LEE is a full-time professor of the Music Department of NTNU, who was awarded lifelong exemption from evaluation. In 2013, professor Lee founded Taiwan Black Cat Singing Troupe, which made its debut in the National Concert Hall in Taipei and received acclaims. With its repertoire from Taiwanese songs to modern pop songs, the troupe expects to bring warm and lasting memory to Taiwanese. After hosting two concerts for two years in a row, the concert series was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, in 2023, the show goes on. We resume this tradition and continue the third concert in the NTNU Music Festival.

The performance is brought by a group of teachers and students from NTNU, with the goal of academic teaching and stage practical training. Therefore, in terms of program planning, Dr. Lee composed and arranged folk songs and popular music repertoire from various periods. In these types of instrumentation, students can learn the sounds of different music fields.

In addition, the concert also seeks to attract the participation of community members in the university life circle. Therefore, Prof. Lee adapted the popular song “April Rain”, classic Taiwanese songs, Hakka folk songs and classic pop crossovers. Hopefully, it can not only educate but to entertain, fulfilling the social responsibility for sustainable community service as part of a university.

Sponsor: Asian Pop Music Digital Technology Research Center
Producer: Professor Wen-Pin Hope LEE
Concert date: April 29, 2023 (Saturday) at 19:30 P.M.
Venue: NTNU Assembly Hall
Free Entry