Publication Date:March 31, 2019
NTNU Excels at QS World Ranking 2019
衝刺國際化與跨領域 QS學科排名表現亮眼

The latest QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 was announced by Quacquarelli Symonds on February 27th. Three subjects from NTNU are within top 50 of the world, they are Library and Information Management, ranked at 30th, Education and Linguistics, both ranked at 43rd. This is an embodiment of NTNU’s work on Internationalization and cross disciplinary collaboration. Traditional subject is reinforced with latest technology, making NTNU full of academic energy.[ more ]

國際高等教育調查機構(Quacquarelli Symonds,簡稱QS)2月27日公布2019全球大學學科排名,國立臺灣師範大學有3門學科登上全球前50強,分別是圖書館與資訊管理學科獲評為全球第30名、教育學科、語言學科均名列43名,顯示臺師大近年來積極衝刺「國際化」與「跨領域」,傳統學科強項導入尖端新科技,「強強相加」,也讓師大豐沛學術能量被全球看見。[ more ]

NTNU Shines at Chinese Learning Technology
華語文結合科技研究 臺師大成績斐然

The goal of Chinese Language and Technology Center is to become a top-notch center for Mandarin teaching and research center, with cross-field integration in linguistics, physiology, learning technology and Assessment & Evaluation. Looking back in 2018, we have reached a breakthrough in the development of basic knowledge, learning platform and teaching method of Chinese teaching.[ more ]

國立臺灣師範大學深耕華語文研究,創立獨步全球的華語文數位學習平臺系統,每個平臺都包含教學與學習功能,同時嘉惠華語學習者與教師。這些平臺不只獲得國際一流期刊的認可,也受到臺灣和全世界的華語文教學領域的青睞。[ more ]

NTNU to host the 2021 Asia-Pacific International Conference on Technology Education

Asia-Pacific International Conference on Technology Education, ICTE, is the premier forum for the presentation of new trends, advances and research results in the fields of Education & Technology. It brings together leading educators, Software developers, scientists, researchers, school principals, Education Administrators, Student Councilors, PhD students & Master Students from around the world. [ more ]

亞太國際科技教育研討會(Asia-Pacific International Conference on Technology Education,簡稱ICTE)是由臺灣與亞太地區國家(包含日本、南韓、澳洲、紐西蘭、香港、美國等)科技教育學會所共同規劃籌辦的重要國際研討會,1997年ICTE研討會的會員國在臺灣共同簽署章程,2019年1月16-18日則於韓國舉辦第十一屆研討會。[ more ]

Training Teachers for Bilingual Education for IB Schools Worldwide
培育雙語師資 滿足臺灣與國際IB教學人才需求

Recently, education has been affected greatly by the trend of globalization. 'Bilingual education' has also become an important issue in Taiwan’s education. From Taiwan to abroad, the demand for international teachers is growing. As a leader in the cultivation of teachers in Taiwan, NTNU spares no effort in cultivating educational talents. With a rigorous teacher training system that has been practiced for years, combined with the spirit of International Baccalaureate (IB), we expect to nurture excellent bilingual teachers to bring the education in Taiwan towards a new direction.[ more ]

近年來,教育受到了全球化趨勢的影響,「雙語教學」也成為臺灣教育目前的重要議題,從臺灣到國際,國際化教師的需求正在不斷成長中。國立臺灣師範大學身為臺灣師資培育的領頭羊,在培育符合未來需求的教育人才不遺餘力,以行之有年、嚴謹的師資培育制度,結合國際文憑教育(International Baccalaureate,簡稱IB)的精神理念、教學系統與原則,期望能培育優秀的雙語師資,為臺灣的教育打入強心針、帶來新的發展方向。[ more ]

Wu Chia Ying Got Silver at World Cup shooting competition, entering Tokyo Olympics
競技系吳佳穎世界盃射擊賽奪銀 搶下東京奧運門票

Taiwanese sport shooter Wu Chia Ying, also a master student at the Department of Athletic Performance NTNU, came to 2nd with a total score of 238.4 points at the World Cup shooting competition in New Delhi India on February 26th. This enables her to join the Tokyo Olympics 2020. At the beginning of February, Wu's cornea was hurt due to her physical condition.[ more ]

在2013年深圳世大運以「證件妹」爆紅的我國射擊好手、國立臺灣師範大學運動競技系碩士班學生吳佳穎,2月26日在印度新德里舉辦的世界盃射擊賽女子10公尺空氣手槍,以總分238.4分的成績獲得亞軍,也確定取得2020東京奧運的參賽資格,吳佳穎射擊成績一直穩定,長相甜美可人,深受國內運動迷喜愛。[ more ]

NTNU Renews MOU with UNT
再續前緣 師大與美北德州大學續簽MOU

On November 27th, Kinshuk, Dean of the College of Information, University of North Texas, visited National Taiwan Normal University, and met with the President Wu Cheng Chih and Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting The two parties signed the MOU renewal and extended the friendship as sister schools that last for more than 10 years.[ more ]

11月27日,美國北德州大學資訊學院院長Kinshuk來訪國立臺灣師範大學,拜會校長吳正己與副校長宋曜廷,雙方並簽署兩校MOU續約,延續超過10年的姊妹校情誼。北德克薩斯大學是位於美國德克薩斯州北部登頓市的一座大規模州立綜合大學。創立於1890年,是北德克薩斯大學系統(University of North Texas System)的旗艦大學。[ more ]

College of Liberal Arts Signed MOU with Auckland University of Technology

Dean of College of Liberal Arts Chern Chiou Lan, Prof. Chang Su Bing from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, Associate Professor Joy Wu from English Department, Associate Professor Lin Hsin Yi from History Department visited New Zealand in February for a cooperation with institutes of indigenous studies and the agreement signing with Auckland University of Technology.[ more ]

國立臺灣師範大學文學院長陳秋蘭率臺史所張素玢教授、英語系吳靜蘭副教授、歷史系林欣宜副教授,2月23日至28日赴紐西蘭參訪3所大學的原住民族研究機構及洽商合作,並與姊妹校奧克蘭理工大學簽訂院級學生交換協議。[ more ]

MOU signed by NTNU and NUS for Scientific Research
臺師大與新加坡國立大學簽約合作 推廣學習科學研究

On March 14th, NTNU and the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology(ALSET) of National University of Singapore signed an MOU at NUS, for the cooperation between the two universities on science research. Dean Tsai Chin-Chung of the Program of Learning Sciences said that this is our first step but also a very important one for the two universities. He hopes that the MOU will be the foundation of a platform for students and teachers to share and cooperate.[ more ]

國立臺灣師範大學與新加坡國立大學(NUS)學習科學與教育科技應用所(ALSET)於3月14日在新加坡國立大學簽署合作備忘錄(MOU),以支援兩校學習科學領域之共同研究。[ more ]

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