Updated COVID Prevention Measures

NTNU Pandemic Safety Measures Announcement
Updated COVID Prevention Measures(Feb. 16, 2023)

1. For more information on COVID-19 Prevention Measures Related to Classes in Spring Semester of 2022-2023 Academic Year, check out the announcement on the Office of Academic Affairs website at

2. According to the Ministry of Education's latest prevention regulations, wearing masks remains mandatory at designated school locations: Health Center and shuttle buses. Visit the Health Center website for more details (

3. Cancellation of the requirement to submit a pandemic prevention plan for large-scale events with over 250 attendees to the school's COVID-19 Task Force for prior approval.

【Announcement】University COVID-19 Measure

Pursuant to the amendments of the November 30, 2022 Ministry of Education Announcement on Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines, NTNU Covid-19 Prevention and Operational Measures of June 13, 2022, and the announcement made by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on February 9, 2023 relaxing mask-wearing rules, NTNU in person classes of the Spring 2023 Semester shall abide by the following rules:

I.Course Format:

 (1)Outdoor classes are exempt from mask-wearing.
 (2) Indoor classes should abide by the following rules:
  1. From February 20 to March 5, instructors are exempt from mask-wearing during classes. However, masks should be worn if the individual exhibits symptoms, or social distancing cannot be maintained. Students are required to wear masks during classes.
  2. From March 6 onward, mask-wearing shall be optional. Specific venues or classes may determine their own mask-wearing measures upon reaching a consensus between the instructor and the students.
 (3) Classrooms should be well ventilated, and disinfected regularly. All equipment used should be properly disinfected.
 (4) Faculty and students should remain vigilant and take preventative measures to protect themselves from infection.

II.General guidelines on class attendance for confirmed cases and those in close contact with such cases:

 (1)Confirmed cases and individuals testing positive of Covid-19 by rapid diagnostic tests should meet the conditions set by the CECC on the lifting of quarantine requirements before entering campus. Individuals whose quarantine has been lifted and exhibit no symptoms will be allowed to return to their classes.
 (2)Roommates of confirmed cases or individuals testing positive of Covid-19 by rapid diagnostic tests shall be treated as 'Cohabitating Friends and Family', and should take steps to monitor their health and prevent further infections. Those exhibiting no symptoms may continue to go to classes as usual. Symptomatic individuals should stay at home and refrain from going to classes.
 (3)All courses should follow the rules stipulated in NTNU's Covid-19 Prevention and Operational Measures. Instructors should make all necessary arrangements to ensure students who are under home care mandates will have continued access to their classes and lessons.

III.University measures will be amended based on the development of the pandemic and the adjustments announced by the CECC. Please continue to follow the websites of the university and the Office of Academic Affairs for the latest updates.

NTNU will be adopting the following measures, to be adjusted on a rolling basis, for the 2022-2023 spring semester in line with the CECC’s announcement to relax the regulations on indoor mask-wearing starting February 20 and the MOE’s relaxation on indoor mask-wearing on campuses starting March 6.

February 20 to March 5:

‧Masks are not required outdoors.
‧Masks are required indoors except in the following situations, but you should carry one or have one readily available and wear it before and after: (1) when exercising, singing, taking individual/group photos, eating or drinking; (2) when engaged in speech delivery activities or events like livestreaming, videorecording, emceeing, reporting, giving speeches or lectures; and (3) when singing, dancing or playing an instrument.
‧Cafeteria/restaurant staff should wear a mask at all times.
‧Wear a mask during a self-initiated prevention period or self-health management, maintain social distancing, and only remove masks temporarily when eating or drinking.
‧Masks are still required if you have respiratory symptoms or it is not possible to maintain social distancing with unknown persons.

From March 6:

‧Masks are required at designated spaces such as the NTNU Health Center and on shuttle buses.
‧Specific venues (laboratories or kitchens) or certain courses (culinary or laboratory classes) should follow their respective mask-wearing regulations depending on their nature.
‧Wear a mask during a self-initiated prevention period or self-health management, maintain social distancing, and only remove masks temporarily when eating or drinking.
‧Masks are recommended for people with a fever or respiratory symptoms, in crowded situations where maintaining appropriate distance is difficult, or where ventilation is poor.
‧Voluntary mask-wearing measures will be implemented in all other indoor places/spaces on campus.

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