Friday Coffee Corner is a place where you can’t resist yourself to speak your second language.

On February 24th, the Friday Coffee Corner (FCC) opening day, with almost 50 Students plus faculty members from different Colleges and the Mandarin Training Center(MTC) show up, a lounge vibe of gathering and served with eye-catching pastry and coffee.

Surprisingly, participants practiced their language skills with English and Mandarin language exchange time while they built new friendships with people from other lands. FCC runs from 2 pm to 4 pm, but participants crave more. One student said she could skip class for this. An MTC (Mandarin Training Center) student also comments, “this is a fresh, vibrant environment for language and cultural exchange. I have so much fun meeting people from different aspects of the profession and academic specialty, and they can speak great Mandarin.

Friday Coffee Corner (FCC) is organized and sponsored by the College of Technology & Engineering (CoTE) & College of Management (CoM). FCC coordinators Yu-Ting from the College of Technology & Engineering and Grace Yi-Ching from the College of Management said, “FCC is an excellent opportunity for people to meet people from diverse backgrounds, exchange languages, and practice their language skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced English /Mandarin learner, there will be something for everyone at this weekly FCC event. The FCC is an event you shouldn’t miss out on; you will never know whom you will meet and what you will capture and learn.”.

Friday Coffee Corner (FCC) runs at every school Friday. They provide various language exchange activities, including special guest days. FCC joined forces with OBE and College EMI coordinators from NTNU.

FCC also design a point collection card; participants can collect points for participating in any College support EMI events. Get 10 points for a gift and have a chance to get in for a lucky draw.

The weekly FCC events detail link will be posted on Colleges EMI IG and OBE IG, don’t miss out by registering for the next FCC day,

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