The 17th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness(10 July, 2022 Newsletter)

The 17th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness came to the last day of the event. After three days of speeches and symposiums from scholars, it was believed that both on-site and online participants learned a lot. The last day of the conference kicked off with the five-year retrospective video of Asia-Pacific Forum for Science Talented. The efforts of countries in the Asia-Pacific regions to discover students’ potential and cultivate students’ multi-faceted abilities are obvious to all.

Tenth Keynote Speech from Professor Dennis Hong

He focuses on discovering the multi-directionality of things as the main idea to share the related experiments of lab RoMeLa in the UCLA (Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory) and how to lead students to continuously challenge existing technologies to develop more novel robots. Walking, rolling, jumping robots with two, three, four, six legs or a robot that can move in all directions with just a single wheel, robots with never-before-seen morphology capture the imagination and inspire people. Lab RoMeLa believed that creativity is not necessarily the ability to come up with something new that has not existed before, but rather the ability to connect things that are not directly related.

The professor also took his son or student for examples in his presentation to show the process of creation and how these methods can be applied to education and the family.

The closing speech of the conference from Academician Wing-Wuen Ip of the Academia Sinica

Academician Ip shared with the audience what is the impossible dream of being an educator, especially a science educator. He supposed that we all want one if not more of our young students to one day be a Nobel prize winner or Fields medalist. Or, some of them could be like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg heading worldshaking high-tech companies. The basic ingredients and shared traits of Nobel prize winners include creativity, open-mindedness, persistence and collaborative spirits.

As for Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, the common denominator would probably be empire building mentality, vision, hyperproductivity and individuality. We educator should know these critical elements of academic achievements and entrepreneurship, injecting them into the curricula and extra-curricular activities of our students. In this way, whether gifted or not, realizing the dreams is no longer impossible.

Remarks and Awards at the closing ceremony

At the closing ceremony, Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education Ching-Hua Tsai and Executive Vice-President of National Taiwan Normal University Yao-Ting Sung were invited to give remarks and awarded the best paper and poster presentations. Among the five winning papers and three winning posters, Taiwan won three awards.

At the end of the closing ceremony, Professor Ching-Chih Kuo from National Taiwan Normal University, who is also Organizing Committee Chair of this year’s APCG, expressed her gratitude to everyone, and invited all the staff to make a curtain call. The event ended successfully in a warm and touching atmosphere.