Announcements for COVID-19 Pandemic Class Guideline Updates

Announcements for COVID-19 Pandemic Class Guideline Updates(May 3, 2022)

Starting May 4th, please refer to the website of the Office of Academic Affairs for all class and academic affairs related pandemic announcements.

NTNU COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines for Academic Affairs

1.This guideline is based on the “Guidelines for School In-Person Class Suspension Due to COVID-19 Pandemic” ( announced by the Ministry of Education.

2.Upon consultation with students, instructors may switch to online instruction till the end of this semester if there are students who have tested positive or listed as close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases in their courses. To switch to online instruction, instructors should follow the guidelines below:

(1)Final exams may be offered online or in paper format.

(2)Laboratory and practical courses should continue to be in-person. Please arrange for sufficient classroom spaces to maintain social distancing. Instructors and students must wear masks when they are in the laboratory.

(3)Off-campus internship courses should follow “Guidelines for the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention in the 110 Academic Year of Colleges and Universities”

(4)If the course requires any special dispensation, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs. (Application: )

3.Applications for course withdrawal, suspension of studies, and declaration of minor or double major that need to be submitted in person or require the signature of instructors, advisors, thesis/dissertation advisors or department chairs, will be eligible for discretionary processing. Students may email the completed application form to their professors and university offices, and forward confirmation replies from these individuals or offices to the Office of Academic Affairs in lieu of their respective signatures. Please note that all applications must still abide by their respective deadlines.

4.Master’s and doctoral degree examination may be conducted via video conferencing. However, this must receive approval from their respective departmental meetings in accordance with “NTNU Degree Conferral and Graduate Degree Exam Regulations”, and the exam must be recorded in its entirety.

5.The deadline for thesis/dissertation submission and obtaining diploma is August 31st, 2022 for the Spring Semester of the 110th Academic Year. Please visit “Graduation” in the Office of Academic Affairs website for more information.

6.Faculty members in need of any technical or software related support for their online instruction are advised to contact NTNU Campus Online (

7.These guidelines will be modified as CDC or the Ministry of Education make any new changes. Please follow our latest announcements in NTNU Bulletin and Office of Academic Affairs website closely for any new updates. Also, please check your NTNU email regularly, or you may set your university email settings to forward all mails to your personal email addresses to obtain the latest updates. To learn more about how to change your university email settings, please visit NTNU Information Technology Center at: