Important Announcement: NTNU will resume in-person instruction starting April 18th, 2022

In accordance with Ministry of Education announcement on April 13, 2022, regulations on class suspension have been relaxed and the university will return to in-person instruction from April 18th, 2022. All faculty members and students should follow the following guidelines:

1. Please abide by all pandemic related regulations. Masks must be worn at all times during classes.

2. Student attendance should be taken for all classes. Eating and drinking are also prohibited. All classrooms should be well ventilated, and disinfected regularly.

If any faculty members or students tested positive for COVID-19 and are required to be quarantined or hospitalized, their classes and anyone they had come into contact with will be suspended from in-person classes for 1 to 3 days (to be determined based on contact history). All suspended faculty and students should switch to online instruction. The duration of class suspension and the resumption of in-person instruction will be based on the following guidelines:

1. Courses shall return to in-person instruction if all involved did not have close contact with confirmed Covid-19 cases.

2. Faculty members or students who had close contact with confirmed Covid-19 cases should be quarantined and tested. The affected courses will switch to online instruction. If all affected faculty members and students test negative, the classes shall resume in-person instruction.

3. If one third of NTNU’s in-person classes have been suspended for 10 days or more, all NTNU courses will switch to online instruction. The confirmed cases and the close contacts of confirmed cases should self-isolate; their instructors should provide synchronous instruction or asynchronous course materials to ensure the students may continue to learn.

These guidelines will be modified as CDC or the Ministry of Education make any new changes. Please follow our latest announcements in NTNU bulletin closely for any new updates.