NTNU Pandemic Safety Measures Announcement:Reminder for upcoming Qingming break

NTNU Pandemic Safety Measures Announcement(March 31, 2022)

Reminder for upcoming Qingming break

Seeing the recent rise in COVID cases and with the upcoming Qingming long weekend, all NTNUers are reminded, according to Ministry of Education announcement, to follow CDC’s recommended guidelines and comply with the prevention measures when engaging in festival-related activities during the break. You should:

1.Keep up hand hygiene and sanitation, wear a mask, and maintain social distance.

2.NOT visit crowded places unless necessary.

3.Observe personal hygiene and prevention measures. Pay attention to your own health. If you experience respiratory symptoms, fever (ear temp.≧38˚C/forehead temp.≧37.5˚C), fatigue, muscle aches, headache, diarrhea, abnormal smell/taste, shortness of breath or other physical discomfort, avoid going to school, rest at home or seek medical attention as soon as possible. Notify your condition on the school's Self-reporting System for Fever or Other Symptoms.

※Please continue to follow the Ministry of Education's pandemic prevention management guidelines. Masks should be worn at all times except during PE or music classes when it’s necessary to remove the mask temporarily for learning purposes. Wash your hands thoroughly before meals, maintain a well-ventilated space, and disinfect the tabletop. During meals, keep a social distance or use partitions and avoid conversations.

※ The school's prevention measures are adjusted according to announcements from the CDC, Ministry of Education and Taipei City Government.

Self-Report Hotlines: Health Center→3111、Student Adviser Office→3123