Health Center's Statement on Cases # 20390 and 20396

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

 According to the announcement at the CECC press conference on February 25, imported COVID case #20390 dined at the Second Floor Cafe Shida Branch on February 21 (Monday) from 13:27-16:00; case #20396 attended an extension course at NTNU on February 19 (Saturday) from 09:00-12:00. Neither was an NTNUer.

Follow-up measures are as follows:

1.Case #20390: Second Floor Cafe announced closing the restaurant for disinfection from February 25 (Friday) to February 27 (Sunday) and it will cooperate with the CDC and comply with Taipei City Government’s pandemic regulations.

2.Case #20396: The school has cooperated with health authorities in the investigation. The authorities have begun health tracking for a list of people who were in contact with the case. The school is keeping a close tab on the latest developments and has strengthened the cleaning and disinfection of classrooms and public spaces.

3.If you have been to the places visited by the above two cases, please undergo self-health monitoring. If you have symptoms such as fever, upper airway discomfort, diarrhea, abnormal smell/taste, report it on the Self-reporting System for Fever or Other Symptoms (, wear a medical mask and go to a nearby designated testing hospital for medical attention, but do so without taking public transportation. Health Center nurses will follow up on you and keep track of your wellbeing.

 We ask you to stick to the prevention measures during the holidays: wear a mask, sanitize hands, maintain safe social distance, reduce large gatherings and practice real-name contact tracing. Let’s keep the campus safe. Viruses don’t care who you are, so we’ve got to take care of each other.

Self-Report Hotline: Health Center 3111, Student Adviser Office 3123
Health Center, Office of Student Affairs