Message from the President of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

Dear NTNU Community,

As we embark on a new semester, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all faculty, staff, and students back to campus, whether you are returning from a summer break, or just beginning your first term.

The COVID-19 pandemic that has been raging since spring 2020 has brought great threats and challenges to every nation. With the pandemic still taking its toll, many schools around the world are struggling to resume normal operation. Universities in Taiwan, despite having felt the impact of the coronavirus disease, are able to start the fall semester as per usual. For this, we should be deeply grateful.

Please understand that the school is taking every necessary precautionary measure to keep you safe. Our epidemic prevention team has been operating in alignment with the guidelines set forth by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). All spaces used by teachers and students are disinfected routinely. Entrance control is being implemented from 8AM to 5PM to allow only limited visitor access. My special thanks go to the administrative staff and security guards on duty whose hard work helps safeguard the school in our fight against the epidemic.

Still, everyone is encouraged to take inpidual health precautions: check body temperature, wash your hands regularly, maintain social distance or wear a mask where social distancing is not possible, and scan the school QR Code to check in with the NTNU app. Depending on the situation of COVID-19, NTNU may relax or tighten our epidemic prevention measures. Either way, we are doing our best to ensure your health and safety on campus.

If you have any questions about epidemic prevention, you can consult Health Center (02-7749-3111). Thank you all again for your effort and support during such a time of uncertainty. I’m confident that together, we will pull through this crisis.

Cheng-Chih Wu, PhD


National Taiwan Normal University