“Empowered and Take Actions” Remarks by University President at the Commencement

National Taiwan Normal University Commencement, June 13, 2020

“Empowered and Take Actions” Remarks by Dr. Cheng-Chih Wu, University President

Dear Graduating Class and Members of National Taiwan Normal University—our professors, students, and families of our graduating class, and everyone joining us online, Good Day!

Today we celebrate the Commencement of Class 2020. On behalf of the University, I congratulate you and your families on your academic achievements, and wish you a splendid new chapter in life. Today’s Commencement marks the ceremonial first day of your life out of the NTNU campus. As your NTNU family, we send you our warmest wishes and congratulations!

Since spring, Taiwan and the world have faced the challenges of COVID-19. During the pandemic, NTNU, among all universities in Taiwan, has thrived. We completed household quarantines of our international and overseas students. We took care of each other during and after our two confirm cases and completed 3-weeks of online classes with success. All members of the University worked together in implementing campus entrance control and safeguarded our campus. During the pandemic, NTNU displayed courage, teamwork, and perseverance.

During the past semester, I trust all of you experienced something new. Our physical activities have been constrained, ways of social interaction have changed drastically. We stayed at home, so we could spend more time with our family and, I hope, some quality time with ourselves to contemplate. The pandemic forced us to reconsider how human beings can better co-exist with the Nature and the Society. We have to carefully examine these rapid changes and turning points under the new “globalization” brought by the pandemic. Our new perspectives and introspections will guide our future.

The world is constantly changing. We have to be always prepared to change. Utilize knowledge as the navigator. Let curiosity ignites our passion for the unknown, and let lifelong learning expand our horizons. Most important of all, let us be conscious of these changes, and have the courage to take action when challenges befall us. In this fickle world, we shall remain an unfaltering heart—a heart that is kind and caring—and in action we do good and bring positivity to others.

From this day on, National Taiwan Normal University becomes your alma mater, and you are our alumni. The University takes pride in what you have accomplished, now it’s your turn to empower your life. Last but not least, best wishes from your alma mater to you for a bright and happy future ahead of you. Congratulations, NTNU Class of 2020!