Online Master Courses will be Available Next Year in Malaysia

When joining the Malaysian Alumni Association on June 10, President Chang told the press that NTNU plans to implement the 'Overseas Master's Degree' network teaching in Malaysia so that more students can attend courses online.
He said that currently the technology is mature enough and he believes that the online course can begin next year, which is very suitable in Malaysian market.
President Chang went to the Shida Night held by the Malaysian Alumni Association of NTNU. When interviewed, he said that many alumni of NTNU teach in Malaysia and hopes to attend further education. That’s why NTNU is planning for a different attempt. The benefit of online teaching is that students can work and attend courses when they have spare time. In winter or summer vacation, they can come to Taiwan to meet their professors.
President Chang said that the currently the most important issue is technical problems. Later, the subjects available online would first be science, special education and vocational education. Counseling subjects may come later. Although it’s an online degree, the school still hope that students can come to Taiwan to meet their teachers face to face in summer or winter vacation.
Now there are 22,000 students in NTNU and 8,000 of them are international students.
He pointed out that the school has been in the subject position and adjustment. For example, the Department of Design and Industrial Design divides from Fine Arts, the Department of performing arts and pop music comes from the Department of Music. These departments meet new trend and demand.
“Before, people would think that NTNU alumni are teachers, which was our original ambition. Now we want to enforce our teaching environment based on our basic departments. ”
Now many International lecturers teach at NTNU and Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian is one of them.