Recruit 112(2) English Reading


國立臺灣師範大學 圖書館推廣諮詢組

開始日期:2024-02-26 08:00
結束日期:2024-03-02 00:00

報名方式: 網路報名或索票入場
參加對象: 教職員,學生,
聯絡人: 林家儀
連絡電話: 7749-5243

 Recruitment For English Reading Group Leaders 
●Who: International students, graduate students, and undergraduate students at NTNU (2nd year or above) with English teaching experience or equal qualifications. 
●Recruitment period: 
1.Group leaders are suggested to propose a topic and prepare related reading materials. Also, group leaders need to lead discussion sessions.
2.Leaders should complete at least 5 sessions, with each session lasting 2 hours.
3.Group leaders are required to participate in training sessions and the final party.
4.The reading group leaders will each receive NT$8,000 for the semester.
: Please fill out the application form and email it to the NTNU Library with a 3-minute video. The video should include self-introduction, group topic and how you are going to lead the sessions. The NTNU Library will edit and upload the video of those who are selected as the English reading group leaders to promote the program. 
●For more information(application form)