2018 NASA 黑客松

美國在台協會(AIT)與國家太空中心、中華電信、台北市政府資訊局、國立台灣師範大學及美國創新中心合作,在台灣舉行「2018 NASA 黑客松」。NASA 黑客松將於10月19日至21日舉行,目前已經開放報名。


「NASA 黑客松」是一場國際性黑客松競賽,全程48小時,在全世界同步舉行。去年 NASA 黑客松是本活動開辦以來規模最大的一次,在世界六大洲187個城市同步舉行,共有25,140人參加,台灣團隊Space Bar獲得全球「最佳概念獎」冠軍。

除了前面提到的五個主辦單位,「2018 NASA 黑客松」台北場的合作夥伴有:Facebook、財團法人資訊工業策進會、財團法人婦女權益促進發展基金會、台灣IBM、台灣微軟、Micron、羽澤光電、世新大學科學傳播研究與發展中心、台灣創意設計中心。


「2018NASA 黑客松」台北場已開放報名,報名網址:

TheAmerican Institute in Taiwan (AIT)is partnering with the National Space Organization, Chunghwa Telecom, TaipeiCity Government, the National Taiwan Normal University, and American InnovationCenter to host the 2018 NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon in Taiwan.The hackathon will be held from October 19-21 and registration is nowopen.

“Hackathons are a win for everyone: a winfor the participants because they are a great way to land a job; a win for thestartup community because they realize Taiwan is on the cutting edge of innovation;a win for Taiwan because it is how we put Taiwan on the map; a win for theU.S.-Taiwan relationship because it is how we integrate digital supply chainsby bringing our digital industries together; and a win for the world because wesolve global problems,” said Ryan Engen, AIT’s Digital Economic Officer in anews conference on September 25 to kick off the challenge.

TheNASA International Space Apps Challenge is an international hackathon thattakes place over the course of 48 hours in cities around the world. The2017 hackathon was NASA’s largest ever, with 187 cities and 25,140 peopleparticipating across 6 continents. Taipei Team Space Bar won first place for “Best Mission Concept” in the2017 global competition.

In addition tothe five co-sponsors, Taipei’s 2018 NASA Space AppsChallenge hackathon partners includeIBM Taiwan, Institute for Information Industry, Facebook,Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development, Micron, MicrosoftTaiwan, Science Communication Study and Development Center of Shih-Hsin University, TaiwanDesign Center, and WinGlobal Technology.

Coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists,and enthusiasts are invited to come together to address challenges we face onEarth and in space in this exciting, collaborativescientific exploration. More information is available here:

The 2018 NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon inTaipei is open for registration at:
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