New bureau to aid foreign investors, professionals

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is to launch a new office next month to attract more foreign investment and professionals.

The Invest Taiwan Office is to incorporate other ministry services, such as the InvesTaiwan Service Center and Contact Taiwan Web site, into a platform to recruit foreign professionals, a plan unveiled by the ministry last week showed.

The office is part of the government’s expedited efforts to bring more foreign investors to Taiwan, Department of Investment Services Director-General Chang Min-pin (張銘斌) said.

Under the office, the government would offer tailored services to foreign companies that are interested in coming to Taiwan and would help them recruit employees, said Chang, who is also executive secretary of the Investment Commission.

Prior to the opening, the ministry is to launch a three-part pilot program to recruit foreign talent, Chang said.

Under the first part, called Phoenix, foreign investors in Taiwan would be offered services to help their foreign employees in the fields of research and development, finance and senior management secure work and residence permits, he said.

The second project, Morning Star, would facilitate government cooperation with schools — such as National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology — that have relatively high percentages of foreign students, Chang said.

The Morning Star project aims to increase the supply of talent in Taiwan by helping foreign students secure jobs after graduating from Taiwanese universities, he said.

The third aspect of the program, called Pilot Whale, aims to build a talent pool for the local job market, Chang said.

The project targets talent in select fields and aims to build a database of qualified people who have been awarded scholarships and employment gold cards, he said, adding that it would identify the services these people need to come to Taiwan.
資料來源: Taipei Times/ 報導日期: 2018-05-15 點閱人次: 150人