(Local) Japanese Thank Taiwan

An event entitled, Thank you, Taiwan, was recently held in New Taipei Citys Tamsui District to thank Taiwan for a $260 million donation made three years ago. The donation, relief aid assisting Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, was the largest sum of money donated by any other country.

The committees executive organizer, Kengo Kosaka, a freshman at National Taiwan Normal Universitys Institute of Management, also arranged for participants to write blessings on colored paper, fold them into origami cranes, and glue them to a board entitled Bonding Hearts that will be sent to disaster stricken areas as a means of moral support for victims. Event organizers hope that the event can also remind people that Japan is still in recovery and that, for many, life will never be the same.

People shared stories about their personal experiences, both in Taiwan and in Japan after the event, with some Japanese students citing Taiwans generosity as one of the reasons they came to visit and study here.

Rin Tatsukawa, a senior at National Taiwan Universitys Department of Chinese Literature, recalled her personal experience after the earthquake struck. In it, she noted her experience collecting donations for aid, stating, One person gave two envelopes V each with NT$10,000 inside. I was so touched to see how Taiwanese were helping my country.

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