相信從開學以來的宣導,老師們都已做好了遠距授課的準備。為了保護全校師生的健康,教務處建議全校各系所於 4/6-4/17 的課程採遠距授課方式處理,讓同學不須來校上課,請主任及所長們轉知所有的專兼任老師;也請老師務必以Moodle 及其他方式通知到同學,並請掌握及記錄學生的學習動態,提醒同學在家或在宿舍學習,不可出外群聚。




教務長陳昭珍敬上 2020/04/01

Dear Deans and Department/Institute Chairs,

As you may be aware, there has been one confirmed case of COVID-19 in the NTNU family. As a consequence, some of our faculty and students will have to be put under Self-Health Management (SHM). We will be sending department/institute chairs with the list of their students who will have to be put under SHM later on. Please provide all necessary care and assistance to the listed students. With the notice of SHM being so sudden, students may not be able to take their leaves of absence properly. As such, please inform all instructors of your department/institute regarding such students’ predicament, and ask them to provide all necessary flexibility with regard to affected students’ learning, assessment, and grading.

We trust our faculty members have already made all necessary preparations for long-distance instruction since our push for readiness that started in the beginning of the semester. To ensure the health of the entire NTNU family and avoid congregation of students and faculty on campus, the Office of Academic Affairs strongly recommend all university courses to be taught through long-distance instruction from April 6 – April 17, 2020. We would like to ask you to contact all full-time and part-time faculties of your department/institute regarding this recommendation. Faculty are also expected to reach out to their students through Moodle or other methods, keep track of students’ learning, remind them to study at home or in their dorm rooms, and do not venture out.

Ensuring the health of our faculty and students is the most important duty of the university. As such, we are asking for your full cooperation. If you have any questions, or are in need of our assistance, please feel free to contact me, and the university will be ready to provide all the support needed. The stronger the love, the further the distance; dawn will be at the end of the darkness.

To your health and happiness,

Vice President of Academic Affairs, NTNU Chao-chen Chen

April 1, 2020