Publication Date:September 30, 2016
The Opening of the Office of Global Mandarin Education
送華語到世界 國家級華語專辦揭牌

The Office of Global Mandarin Education, founded in March this year, was opened September 20th .Director-General of the Department of International and. Cross-strait Education, Yang Ming Ling and the Principal Investigator, President Chang hosted the opening ceremony together. Many people from departments of Chinese Teaching, related fields and groups all attended the event. The first advisory committee was held right after the ceremony. Director-General Yang says that because the trend of learning Chinese, the Ministry of Education has been promoting the policy of sending Mandarin teachers abroad. Since The 8-year project of construction and application of Mandarin in 2013, the quality of Mandarin Leaning Institutes has been improved, the oversea market has been expand and the TOCFL is known to more and more people.[ more ]

整合產官學研華語資源 全球華語文教育專案辦公室揭牌 今年(105年)3月甫成立的全球華語文教育專案辦公室,9月20日上午由教育部國際及兩岸教育司司長楊敏玲與全球華語文教育專案辦公室的計畫主持人國立臺灣師範大學張國恩校長,共同主持揭牌儀式,現場還有國內華語文相關系所學校、產業界及民間團體代表參與觀禮,儀式過後隨即召開首場的諮詢委員會,期望能集合產、官、學、研各界力量,整合多方資源來共同行銷臺灣華語文產業。[ more ]

The Opening of the Head Office of NTU System

National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology started the NTU System, which was approved by the Minister of Education in March 2016. President Yang, Pan Chyr was the first president of NTU system and Vice President Chang Ching Ray will be the first CEO. On September 12th, the opening ceremony of the head office was held in NTU. The three universities are top universities in Taiwan that locates in Da-an district. The authorities signed a primary agreement in 2014 and once vice president from each school form a working group. In January 2015, NTU Triangle Alliance was established. Three schools have worked together with positive feedbacks and all of us know that in this face paced world, it’s an advantage to work with schools with complementary strength. This is for the benefit for Taiwanese students.[ more ]

國立臺灣大學、國立臺灣師範大學與國立臺灣科技大學於2016年3月經教育部核定組成「國立臺灣大學系統」,經系統委員會推舉臺灣大學楊泮池校長擔任首屆系統校長,張慶瑞副校長擔任首屆系統執行長,並於9月12日於臺灣大學推廣教育大樓二號館舉行「臺大系統總部辦公室」揭牌典禮,由教育部高教司李彥儀司長、臺灣大學楊泮池校長、臺灣師範大學張國恩校長、臺灣科技大學廖慶榮校長代表揭牌。臺師大校長張國恩表示,臺灣面臨國際化,希望系統可發揮成效,找出真正有前瞻的創新高教作為。[ more ]

NTNU Improved the Most on QS Rankings2016/2017
QS全球大學排名 師大進步最多

QS World University Rankings of global higher education for 2016/2017 were announced on September 6th. Among more than 40,000 universities worldwide, the ranking of NTNU has improved for the 7 consecutive years. This year, the ranking has risen to 310, which means an obvious progress. For the past 3 years, NTNU has improved by 175 rankings and we are one of three universities in the world that has such improvement. NTNU is ranked first on the criteria of internationalization, and fourth on the criteria of academic reputation among universities in Taiwan.[ more ]

英國高等教育調查機構QS於9月6日公布2016/2017世界大學排名,在全球4萬多所大學中,國立臺灣師範大學連續7年亞洲排名進步,全球排名今年上升66名,進步至310名,是國內進步最多的大學,在全球前350名大學中,臺師大近3年來共提升175個名次,也是全球進步名次最多的三所大學之一,其中,國際化指標全國第一,學術聲譽指標全國第四,顯示臺師大致力提升研究教學品質及國際化的成果,受到國際肯定。[ more ]

NTNU Goes to South East Asia for Students

In respond to the New Southbound Policy, Vice President of NTNU, Wu Cheng Chih led a group to Surabaya and Yogyakarta for the 2016 Taiwan Higher Education Exhibition in Indonesia-NTU System. This is the first time for the NTU System to recruit oversea. It’s hoped that this exhibition can attract local students to NTU System. Tony Lee, the representative in Indonesia of the Ministry of Education said that Yogyakarta is a famous university city in Indonesia. Local students and teachers can know more about higher education in Taiwan through this education event, creating more possibilities of connection and understanding. [ more ]

為因應政府「新南向」政策,國立臺灣師範大學吳正己副校長於8月6日至8月9日率團參加於泗水及日惹舉行的「2016印尼臺灣高等教育展-國立臺灣大學系統」。此活動為國立臺灣大學系統首度海外合作招生,期盼藉由宣傳我國高等教育之競爭力,以吸引當地學子進入臺灣大學系統就讀。 [ more ]

Women’s Archery Team Grabbed Bronze at Olympic 2016
女團射箭摘銅 師大人在奧運發光

Rio 2016 Olympic women's archery team competition was held on August 8 morning and 4 finals defeated Italy and grabbed the bronze medal. This is the first medal for Chinese Taipei in group game and also the first one after 12 years since 2004 Olympics at Athens. Graduate School student Le Chien Ying from the Department of Athletic Performance are one of the team, along with Tan Ya Ting and Lin Shih Chia. Chinese Taipei Team first encountered Mexico at quarter final and won with a close call. Soon, the Taiwanese team ended up at semifinal. Nevertheless, when facing the Korean Team which has been winning 8 years in a row, the team lost. Finally, it won the Italians and got the Bronze medal by 5:3.[ more ]

2016里約奧運女子射箭團體賽於8月8日上午登場,並在4強賽擊退義大利,順利摘下銅牌。不但是中華隊團體賽第1面獎牌,更是繼2004雅典奧運後,睽違12年再度於射箭項目奪牌。師大運動競技學系研究所學生雷千瑩也是隊員之一,與譚雅婷、林詩嘉等好手一同為國爭光。 中華隊先於8強賽中遇上勁敵墨西哥,前2局以0:4落後,之後中華隊急起直追,終於在第5局加賽局以1分險勝挺進4強。但準決賽中仍不敵8連霸的韓國隊,最後於銅牌戰中一展堅強實力,以5:3亮眼成績擊敗義大利,摘下銅牌。[ more ]

首頁 › en_news › Alumni NTNU Alumni goes to Global Entrepreneurship Summit
社教系碩士生代表臺灣 首赴全球企業峰會

Viola Cheng from the In-service Master Program of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education was invited to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit as the first Taiwanese representative. The 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit was held by the United States from June 22nd to 24th in Silicon Valley. Among 5000 entrepreneurs, only 100 will be selected by the United States Department of State. There are three people from Taiwan that has the honor and Cheng is the only student. Cheng started from the dining industry two years ago, initially, she wanted to help her sister in law who just divorced. Later, she started a chain restaurant with her husband. What’s so special about the restaurant is that 70% of the employees are divorced women or economically disadvantaged people. There are also suspended food in the restaurant and bailout funds for employees.[ more ]

國立臺灣師範大學社會教育與文化行政碩專班學生鄭惠如,兩年前投入餐飲創業,從協助離婚的小姑開發「小三起司」、到與丈夫合開連鎖餐飲店,7成員工都是經濟弱勢和失婚婦女,除了提供弱勢民眾「待用餐」,還設立員工紓困金。 鄭惠如憑著一顆關懷弱勢的心被國際看到,獲美國國務院選為第七屆全球企業高峰會代表之一,也是臺灣首度有代表與會。全球企業高峰會6月22日至24日在美國矽谷舉行,由美國總統歐巴馬主持,從5000多家報名企業中選出100位代表,是國際性連接新興企業家到商業領袖的平台,今年特別聚焦青年和婦女創業,臺灣僅三人獲選,鄭惠如是唯一學生。[ more ]

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